Divorce Real Estate & Probate Sales

Divorce Real Estate & Probate Sales

Two of the most stressful and traumatic life events that most of us encounter are dealing with the death of a loved one and divorce. The emotional pain and stress of these life events is exacerbated when the sale of a property is involved. Probate and divorce courts can be intimidating and overwhelming.

Divorce Real Estate

Divorce is the legal ending of a marriage. If a couple owns real estate a divorce will either force the couple to sell the house or force one of the spouses to buy-out the other spouse. Divorce can be adversarial and emotional. If real estate is involved the best strategy for both parties is to try and detach emotionally from the real estate. Although detaching is extremely difficult, doing so will allow both parties to think logically about how to best resolve their mutual investment. The best strategy is to come to terms with the fact that the house must be sold and select a real estate professional that both parties respect. The real estate professional must be neutral and focused on accomplishing the task of selling the real estate. Choosing a strong and knowledgeable divorce real estate professional that is experienced in handling the challenges than can arise during this time is crucial. Additionally, the real estate professional must be capable of remaining neutral and understanding the emotional aspects of a divorce sale.

Marketing a divorce sale can also be challenging for numerous reasons.

First, a wise real estate professional will not let prospective buyers know that the sale is caused by a divorce. Buyers knowing that the sale is forced by a divorce might try and take advantage of the situation by sending in lower offers hoping that the sellers might accept their low offer just to “get the sale over with”. Both the sellers and their agents must do their best to shield the divorce as best they can from buyers and their agents.

Second, one party might not be as emotionally ready to sell the house as the other party and intentionally cause delays or violate court orders. A real estate professional that has experience in dealing with the emotional aspects of a divorce sale will recognize the signs of an uncooperative spouse and deal with the problem as early as possible.

Third, sometimes the parties are not speaking to each other directly. All communication between the parties might be through divorce attorneys. Divorcing couples should choose a real estate professional capable of speaking to divorce attorneys in their own language. Choosing the right realtor will create a synergistic effect between all parties and their attorneys.

Fourth, sometimes a spouse has a different time-line for trying to sell the house than the other spouse. The speed at which the couple desires to sell the house might affect the price. Obviously the more time the better. An experienced real estate agent will be able to formulate a plan from the inception of the listing that will take into consideration the needs and desires of both parties.

Teri Mullen, Realtor and Tracy Emblem, Attorney and Realtor are the perfect real estate representatives for homeowners desiring to sell their home due to a divorce. While Teri Mullen is committed to achieving the goals of time and price, her years of experience handling distressed sales provides an immense advantage over other real estate professionals. Teri Mullen and her team includes Attorney Tracy Emblem also a Real Estate professional. This group of professionals is able to communicate with divorce attorneys on the same level and due to our extensive experience handling distressed sales knows how to deal with the emotional struggles that can arise during a divorce sale.

Teri Mullen and Tracy Emblem is the best choice to handle a divorce sale no matter where a homeowner lives in San Diego and Riverside Counties.

Probate Sales

The death of a loved one is perhaps the most stressful life event that a person will experience during a lifetime. The responsibilities of dealing with probate sales and the unsettled financial matters of a deceased loved one can take a toll on a person both emotionally and physically. When the Probate Court is involved the emotional and physical challenges are typically joined by the confusion and struggles that are brought about by lawyers and courts and trustees. Homeowners that are faced with selling the real estate of a deceased loved one should choose a realtor that can best guide them through the intricacies of Probate. When a death is the reason for a sale, choosing the right real estate professional can be crucial.

Teri Mullen, Realtor and Tracy Emblem, Attorney and Realtor is the perfect real estate professionals for Probate Sales. The massive experience allows a unique ability to converse with the Probate court and attorneys in their same language. Teri Mullen, Realtor and Tracy Emblem, Attorney and Realtor are effective representatives fully capable of guiding a family through the rigors of resolving a loved one’s estate.

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